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  1.   Download the App:

    • Get the INSIGHTEC Connect application from your phone's app store.

  2.   Open the App:

    • Launch the INSIGHTEC Connect application on your phone.

  3.   Welcome Screen:

    • Select “Sign Up” button from the welcome screen.

  4.   Enter Your Mobile Number:

    • Input your mobile phone number.

  5.   Verify Your Number:

    • Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone.​

  6.   Provide Your Reason for Treatment:

    • Select your diagnosis from the list provided​

  7.   Enter Your Personal Details:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

    • Zip Code

  8.   Create a Password:

    • Set your password using the guidelines provided.

  9.   Tap the "Sign In" button.

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