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Informative Dashboard

An informative dashboard at patients' fingertips, with notifications, reminders and to do tasks list.
CareConvoy Dashboard on Mobile

Our Expertise
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Healthcare Systems
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“CareConvoy answered a lot of my questions. Sometimes, I thought of things to ask late at night. I could use the app & usually my questions were answered. Very easy to use - even for me!”
Colonoscopy Patient from UVA Health

From Patient to Partner

CareConvoy empowers your patients to play an active role in making their operative & non-operative journeys a success. Better patient engagement means better health outcomes.

  • Delivers the right information, at the right time

  • User-friendly dashboard tells your patients what’s next

  • Robust educational resources + Q&A features support truly informed decisions

  • Stays right by their side for the entire journey

Older couple holding hands

Deliver High-Value Care

Spend less time asking and answering routine questions, freeing your staff to focus on providing extraordinary care.

  • Built by leading physicians to address the hurdles and inefficiencies we encounter in our own practices

  • Filled with fully-vetted content created by clinicians, for clinicians, and customized just for you

  • Compatible with any EHR

  • Reduce no-shows, late cancellations and readmissions

Older couple sitting together

Commitment to Outcomes

We’ve put significant efforts into selecting the best-in-class tools for outcomes collection

  • Gain unique insights from your patients’ perspectives, automatically

  • Objectively quantify how a patient is doing relative to others and extrapolate to a national mean

  • Keep your patients engaged and promote long-term optimal outcomes

  • Share outcomes reports with patients, referring providers, and others

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