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CareConvoy supports patients, streamlines workflow, and ensures compliance

CareConvoy supports patients, streamlines workflow, and ensures compliance

Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery


As a Bariatric Center of Excellence, Duke provides safe, effective, high-quality bariatric care to people who have been unable to maintain weight loss through diet, exercise, and medication. The surgical center performs over 800 surgeries a year and is on a very strong growth trajectory year after year.  The Interventions at Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery take a multi-disciplinary approach and involve a variety of specialties (surgeons, physicians, dieticians, psychologists). Because weight loss surgery is just a part of a patient’s weight loss journey, a scalable approach is required to provide the support patients need in preparing for, recovering from, and maintaining optimal outcomes. 


​Patients must undergo a multi-step assessment process surgical clearance requires a high level of patient compliance in completing questionnaires, food diary, labs, consultations (nutrition and psychological), and many other tasks. Post-surgical recovery must be monitored carefully and thoroughly long-term Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) collection and monitoring for years after surgery is essential for optimum results.


The team at the Center created an extensive paper-based workflow to manage the challenges listed above. When the CareConvoy platform was presented to them, it readily allowed for the automation, streamlining, and systemizing of these processes and workflows. CareConvoy also allowed for the Clinic to digitize portions of the surgical clearance process that patients are already used to doing via a mobile phone app; for example, tracking what they eat on a daily basis. The CareConvoy team met with the clinical team to construct a comprehensive journey map for the typical Duke Weight Loss Surgery patient and touch-points where CareConvoy could help facilitate a more smooth and effective surgical experience were identified.


Figure 1: The Duke Bariatric/CareConvoy Patient Journey map


Awaiting data collection and analysis.


Awaiting data collection and analysis.

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