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Case Studies

Healthcare practices utilizing the CareConvoy application deliver high-value care to their patients while benefiting from time & cost savings including fewer no-shows and higher patient compliance.

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Reduced no-shows. 
Fewer cancellations. 
Improved prep quality.

Read how CareConvoy led to a 60% decrease in no-show/late cancellation rate and improved prep quality.

Spine Surgery

Turnkey real-world evidence.
Lower readmission rates.

Read how CareConvoy helped patients achieve over 50% pain relief post-procedure and lowered readmission rates.

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Metabolic Surgery

Ensures compliance.
Streamlines workflow.

Read how CareConvoy is digitizing portions of the surgical clearance process for patients undergoing metabolic & weight loss surgeries.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Reduce the use of opiates.
See meaningful pain relief.

Read how CareConvoy helped 52% of patients stop or greatly reduce their pain medications after a spinal cord stimulation implant.

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Automate your digital care pathway. 
Keep patients on track.

Learn why 87.50% of patients found the digital health application of CareConvoy useful in preparing for their medical procedures.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Engage patients.
See optimal results.

Learn how CareConvoy helped SCS trial and permanent implant patients stay engaged and promoted long-term optimal outcomes.

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Optimize mobile health.
Support patients via remote monitoring.

Learn how CareConvoy was provided to patients receiving TAVR and how this mobile health application supported them.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Support patients at scale.
Gather reliable data for trial outcomes.

Learn how the Higgs Boson Health app and web platform delights SCS trial patients throughout their journey.

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