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Login Help

Logging in on your iPhone


Enter your mobile phone number and tap NEXT.



Enter your password and tap NEXT.



This screen welcomes you to the application while your personal profile loads.



Enjoy taking control of your health as the MyJourney app guides you through your InterStim journey.


Android users get login help here.

Additional Help

What if I didn't receive a text message invitation?
The MyJourney™ application is INVITE ONLY. You will receive an INVITE to the MyJourney™ application by text message. If you did not receive a text message inviting you to download MyJourney™, contact your healthcare provider.

How can I reset my password?

Open the MyJourney™ mobile phone ap, and enter the mobile phone number associated with your MyJourney™ account in the open field. Tap Forgot Password? and follow the instructions sent to you. 


Tap Need help logging in? and select Reset Password.  Enter the mobile phonenumber associated with your MyJourney™ account and tap Reset Password.

I tried resetting my password and received a message telling me there is no associated MyJourney™ clinical trial app account.

Your account may be under a different mobile phone number.

Can I use the MyJourney™ on my tablet?

Absolutely! Some helpful hints—

  1. Follow the instructions above for using an iPad or click here for Android device instructions.

  2. Make sure you are logged into the App Store or Google Play on your iPad/tablet and search for MyJourney.

  3. If you were invited via text message, you'll need access to your phone to click the link sent to you via text message to set your password in step #5 above. 


Why should I allow the MyJourney to send me push notifications?

Push notifications sent to your mobile device or iPad/tablet from the MyJourney will remind you to complete tasks, direct you to educational materials, and alert you to important messages. If you do not allow push notifications, you will not receive these messages to keep you on track during your evaluation.


Still need help?

Our team is happy to help. Send an email to for more assistance.

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